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OUR MISSION: To explore innovative ideas, to seek out creative minds and new inspirations, to boldly go where no creative has gone before!

join us for motion 2015!

Now in our 9th year motion – what we refer to as the TED talks of our industry – has become one of North America’s leading innovative and uniquely intimate events for creatives in the motion picture and broadcast industries. Influential creative pros who are passionate about what they do, take the stage for 18 minutes sharing unique concepts that // feed your creative brain //. read more »

join us for motion 2015!



Creative. Talented. Generous. The speakers of motion 2015.

// motion 2015 speakers //

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Mark Coleran


Brian Bowman


Marcel Ziul

STATE Design

Alberto Scirocco


Michael Waldron

TV Land

Maria Rapetskaya

Undefined Creative

Cecelia Ottenweller


Joel Pilger

Impossible Pictures

Chris Meyer

Crish Design

Ed Rhine

Freed Motion

Ariel Costa


Michael Rosen

Samplistic Media

Vinícius Naldi

Roger LA

Elaine Montoya

motion is known for assembling the brightest and most creative minds.

this year is no exception…

motion speakers are some of the most creative thinkers and innovators today. A concept borrowed from TED, each speaker is on stage for 18 minutes sharing their unique perspective on subjects they’re passionate about. Innovative ideas that revitalize the creative muse.

Throughout the year, we curate an amazing cast of speakers and choreograph talks and events that are creatively intertwined to // feed your creative brain //. From talks to previz breakdowns, interactive discussions to networking events – our goal is to ensure that each year we continue to provide a uniquely creative experience in an intimate and beautiful setting.

Past speakers include Imaginary Forces Creative Director Karin Fong, Patrick Hanenberger Production Designer at DreamWorks Animation, Ntropic Founder/Creative Director Nate Robinson, Pioneering FUI Designer Mark Coleran, Zoic Studios Founder & VFX Supervisor Andrew Orloff, Legendary Disney Animator Dan Haskett, TV Land Creative Director Michael Waldron, Film Director Mark Tapio Kines, Actor Steven Michael Quesada from Breaking Bad, Picture Mill Creative Director William Lebeda, Greg Gunn Director at Blind, creatives from Sony Picture Imageworks, and Psyop, yU+co. View the complete list of past motion speakers »

We accept applications year round. To apply or nominate a speaker for a future motion event, please fill out the recommendation form.

We are proud to announce an amazing lineup of visionary creatives: the speakers of motion 2015!


join us for motion 2015!



motion 2015 ticket packages



A mind-bending three day ride
– what we refer to as the TED talks of our industry.


  • 3 days of motion
  • Currents New Media Festival
  • 4 nights at Santa Fe Sage Inn
  • Breakfast each morning
  • kickoff party
  • FACEOFF: The After Effects Challenge
  • the motion After Party

general admission

general admission

A mind-bending three day ride
– what we refer to as the TED talks of our industry.


  • 3 days of motion
  • Currents New Media Festival
  • kickoff party
  • FACEOFF: The After Effects Challenge
  • the motion After Party



A limited number of fellowships are available. Submit your application before December 31, 2015.


  • 3 days of motion
  • Currents New Media Festival
  • FACEOFF: The After Effects Challenge
  • *option to purchase party tickets

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motion 2015

Below is an overview of the motion experience. We will unveil this year’s complete schedule mid June when the full lineup and talks are complete. Be sure to subscribe to brainfood to get the latest updates.

// feed your creative brain //

motion 2015 overview

  • 6.12

    day 1

    The day starts at 10:00am with registration at the New Mexico History Museum – the motion 2015 venue. It’s your first opportunity to network with fellow creatives – people who quickly become part of your motion experience. From there, we take you behind the scenes for an insider’s look at the motion 2015 production process. Then, total darkness and silence encompasses the theatre. In an instant, a magical splash of creativity fills the room as the stage comes to life with Roger // Loud & Clear’s show open – motion 2015′s Featured Studio. It shouts, “let the celebration of creativity begin!” ringing in the motion 2015 experience. Our first keynote speaker sets the stage for what’s to come. Throughout the day you’ll hear 18-minute keynote talk centered around the day’s theme, in-depth interviews guaranteed to intrigue, and participate in our highly-interactive audience discussions. You’ll also have the opportunity to get inside the mind of one of the industry’s top creatives from Roger // Loud and Clear as you watch part one in our three part series: the motion project breakdown featuring this year’s show open. The day wraps up at 5:00pm. That evening, take the opportunity to network with fellow attendees and motion speakers over dinner and then join us from 9:00pm – midnight for the motion opening kickoff party!

  • 6.13

    day 2

    On day two, your call time is 10am. By now, the motion experience is taking hold. As you ponder thoughts and conversation from the previous day, you’re starting to remember why you got into this business to begin with. Now you’re ready for seconds: heaping servings of concepts that // feed your creative brain //. Day two is all about Creativity UNLEASHED – when artists are given the unique opportunity to create…with no clients attached. Throughout the day, you’ll hear talks from top motion designers as they share a variety of UNLEASHED projects. At the close of each talk, you’ll have the opportunity to ask both creative and technical questions. Day two also brings part two of our three part series: the motion project breakdown. Our Featured Artist takes you deeper into their process in making this year’s show open. We invite you to join us later in the evening from 8:30-11:00pm for our third annual FACEOFF: The After Effects Challenge with special guests Trish & Chris Meyer live at the Santa Fe Railyard. Three artists take the stage to create a motion graphics project from start to finish – in just 60 minutes! Dance to the music of Dj Cruse. Enjoy food and drink by local vendors. Special thanks to Currents for co-sponsoring this event! Want to be one of the FACEOFF challengers? Be sure to fill out the online application.

  • 6.14

    day 3

    Day three you wake up and your first thought is: I don’t want this experience to end! But you soon realize – this is just the beginning. It’s the start of a new way to look at life and experience creativity to the fullest. Time to make the most of the day! You’re back in your seat at 10:00am. Throughout the day you’ll hear 18-minute keynote talk centered around the day’s theme, in-depth interviews guaranteed to intrigue, and participate in our highly-interactive audience discussions. After lunch, you’ll watch the final segment in our three part series: the motion project breakdown – complete with plenty of time to get all of your questions answered. They say, all good things must come to an end – so we take a look at The Big Picture as part of the motion closing experience. This is followed by our most unique audience discussion and Q&A ever – all motion 2015 speakers take the stage! You’ll have the opportunity to ask anything you want before we call it a wrap at 5:00pm. But remember: this is just the beginning. Your newly fueled creative life begins now. If you don’t have a plane to catch – join us for the motion After Party from 9:00pm-midnight at the Railyard. It’s the perfect finale for your motion experience!

Oh. And one more thing…

we have over $7500 in software and giveaways to be awarded throughout the show!

coming in October!



motion 2014 latest updates





world-class speaker lineup announced for motion 2015

The speakers for the inaugural motion 2015 in Santa Fe have been announced. Earlier this week, motion conference organizers Elaine Montoya and Becky Padilla announced that motion 2015 will take place in Santa Fe, June 12-14, 2015. “We’ve teamed up with Currents – The International New Media Festival”, states Montoya. “And to celebrate our inaguaral year in Santa […]

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motion 2015 debuts in Santa Fe

Now in it’s 9th year, motion 2015 debuts in Santa Fe – “The City Different” June 12-14, 2015! motion has teamed up with Currents – The International New Media Festival. This world-class event consists of video and interactive installations, animation, art apps, full dome and multimedia performances. Each night, motion attendees will be able to experience […]

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Where to Stay

We’re excited to announce the motion 2015 hotels!

Places to stay in Santa Fe!

motion 2015 action takes place in the New Mexico History Museum Auditorium on the Plaza in Santa Fe – with evening events at the Santa Fe Railyard. Located across the street from the Palace of the Governors, the NM History Museum is convenient to many nearby hotels, motels, and B&Bs.

Hotel promo codes for motion 2015 group rates are included in your registration confirmation letter.


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